• New Orleans

    August 25, 2017 | Food
  • See that? Over There?...

    <-- That is a beignet. And it's pretty delightful at the Cafe Du Monde with a steaming hot cup of chickoree-laiden coffee.

  • But there's a lot more to NOLA than this sweet delight ... and well beyond the (much deserved) highly touted Commander's Palace (but do stop by for a Bloody Mary on Sunday!) or Irene's Cuisine and of course the granddaddy of 'em all, Brennens. There is some get down and get dirty food that will knock your pork pie hat off.

    Take for instance the crawfish. People put em in fancy sauces and pastry (like west of NOLA in Breaux Bridge) or in little crawfish pies at Andres on HW 10 out of town. Yes, I know it looks scary. Just don't order picked pig lips and you'll be fine. (And don't expect to "dine it" -- it's strictly wax paper carry out). But hook up with an authentic crawfish boil and you're set. Have patience and a good supply of wet naps. 

    Of course there's Mothers. They've been in business since 1938, so they are doing something right. In the words of Jimmy Buffett, "I Will Play for Gumbo" ... and I'd rather do it here than anywhere I believe. Galatoire brought French cuisine to the forefront of the NOLA restaurant scene in ... 1896. 

    When we asked a shop keeper where the locals frequented, we were directed to Port O Call, way down Esplanade Ave., away from the throngs of tourists who've discovered "walk up bars." So, this is the place to go in New Orleans if you don't care for seafood. I know, I know, it's hard to imagine, but they're out there. And this place has a killer burger.

    It also has something that is called  "Neptunes Monsoon." Drinker beware. Half way through the tall plastic glass I lost my feet, and we had to cab it home. This is the point of the trip when the bar tender looked at my now husband and said, "Sorry buddy, I thought I was doin' you a favor." Yeah. Not so much. So, you've been warned. Do as I say and not as I did! Or do and have a good story to tell!