• Mouth-Watering Pot Roast

    August 25, 2017 | Recipe
  • You know the pot roast that grandma made that made her whole house smell amazing until Tuesday?

    I've got a secret: It's not that difficult. Just takes a little time and patience. And a nice big dutch oven ... Don't be afraid, you really can't mess this up. Read through the directions a couple of times, plot your prep and get ready for an awesome dinner on a cold night.

    Purchase a chuck roast that is approximately 2 inches thick – around 3 pounds for 4 – 6 people. Set oven on 325 degrees. Cooking time is at least 4 hours … sometimes more … My rule of thumb is this: IF I want to eat around 6 p.m., I pull the meat out at noon to get room temp & start all the prep around 1 and usually get it in the oven around 2p.m. … at 4p.m. I add in the chunky vegetables. Sometimes it takes longer – see below.


  • Serves 4-6

    Total Cook Time: at least 4 hrs.


    3 lbs Chuck Roast (approx. 2" thick)
    1 cup Beef Stock
    1/2 cup Red Wine
    1/2 cup Brewed Coffee
    Worcestershire Sauce
    1 White Onion
    4-5 Stalks of Celery
    3 Carrots
    Salt & Pepper
    Garlic Salt
    Flour (enough to dust the roast)
    About 2 Strips of Bacon
    Veggies to serve with Roast (i.e. Carrots, Parsnips, Baby Potatoes, & Onions)
  • PREP (about 15-20 minutes)

  • 1

    In a bowl or large measuring cup, put a cup of beef stock, ½ or so Cup red wine, ½ Cup or so coffee and a liberal shake, shake, shake shake of Worcestershire sauce.

  • 2

    Dice 1 onion, half a “bunch” of celery and 3 carrots (I set it aside on a paper plate).

  • 3

    Season Chuck Roast with salt, pepper and garlic powder, and dust with flour.

  • COOK

  • 4

    Cook bacon in a large & heavy dutch oven over medium heat and until crispy (but not burned). Pull the bacon out to throw in later … or eat it now. Place the meat in the hot oil and bacon drippings and cook on either side until nicely browned (about 10 minutes each side, but check it after five); pull it out when browned and put on a plate (again, a big paper plate works just fine).

  • 5

    Add the diced vegetables to the hot oil with the meat goodies in there and give a stir. Let those cook about 10 more minutes or so until onions are translucent. Add your liquid ingredients, place the browned chuck roast on top of it all and give a little stir

    Put the lid on the Dutch oven and stick it in the oven for a couple of hours. LEAVE IT ALONE. DO NOT PICK UP THAT LID.

  • 6

    While you are anxiously waiting, cut up your vegetables into nice chunks you want in the chuck roast – I like carrots, parsnips (peel em if you use em), baby potatoes (with the peel – but I do cut them in half or quarters depending on their size), and onions. Sometimes I will chop up a couple of big onions (because dad likes lots of onion) but we also LOVE those frozen tiny onions. Put these in a mixing bowl with water and about a shot glass of vinegar. (Note: rinse out glass before next party.) I soak these for at least an hour and sometimes more.


    After soaking, drain the veggies and rinse them a couple of times, drain again. Carefully remove lid and add in veggies. If it looks like the broth has cooked down quite a bit, you can add more beef broth. Put the lid back on for another couple of hours. Test the veggies for doneness with a fork to see if they’re tender. The meat should fall apart. Just cook until those two things happen.


    Cottage cheese. Also yummy with a side of apple sauce. And crusty bread. And of course a nice glass of red wine.