• June in Reykjavic

    Like many travelers the last couple of years, we found ourselves in chilly, foggy Reykjavik in June, right after summer solstice. Not the stuff of a typical summer vacation, but Iceland Air’s reasonable airfares and invitation to stay a couple of days without extra charge lured us to an extended lay-over on a recent trip to France. And while we initially scheduled it as a way to perhaps beat the jet lag and see something out of the ordinary, we were pleasantly surprised at some extraordinary discoveries.

    That said, it’s not a cheap place to visit. Lodging is surprisingly pricey as is the food. But if you are looking for an adventure, this is a highly recommended destination. And if you are a foodie (who has a passion for seafood and lamb and a spirit of adventure about things you’ve never heard of), you probably need to move it up your bucket list.

  • The good-natured hospitality of the Icelanders takes the chill out of the air. For the liberal arts majors, enjoy this country of literature and the numerous literary quotes that tie into their current tourism campaign.

    We didn’t venture to the hot springs, the geysers or whale watching tours. We instead chose to stay close to the city, exploring by foot the delightful, walkable town that reportedly was founded in 900 AD.


    • The old harbor – Saga museum, maritime museum, did you know there was a “Cod War”? Coffee shop with fireplace
    • The Hallgrímskirkja church with its tower above the city (guarded by a statue of Lief Eriksson)
    • Stroll through the trendy Lauk
    • Be an adventurous eater – Try the Rotten Shark or a puffin!
    • Chat with a local, and don’t forget to ask them how they survive the dark winter days!